Buffet vs Single Plate: Which Option is Best

One of the hardest decisions for those wishing to employ a marketing agency like marketmymarket.com is the stylistic choice of the
service. There are a slew of options, but the most prominent is whether to choose a buffet catering
service or single-plate style service. No one group is wrong, but, depending on the event, one might be
more right than the other.

Buffet style is often utilized in very specific events. For example, at a dinner-by-the-bite tasting event
buffet catering is the only kind that works. It allows guests to have a wider breadth of options, which
often results in a more successful event. This is especially true for more casual events where there are
no pretenses or expectations of sophistication or light eating.

According to WeddingWire, despite this about half of all Orlando weddings catering companies utilize
buffet catering as opposed to the more traditional plated-style event. Buffet catering can also be ideal
for social events where an array of guests, with an array of dietary needs and preferences, mingle
together. Instead of forcing attendants into a single-plated meal, buffet style allows for a more
conversational environment that offers something for everyone.

On the other hand, plated, sit-down meals offer structure to an event. The served meals also allow for
caterers to know for exactly how much food to account for eliminating potential leftovers or thrown
away food.

Of course, these meals do also require the added expense of response cards, so servers can know the
meal preference, assuming the event has more than one entrée option, of the guests. Still, having this
kind of finite control over portion size can sometimes save money compared to the buffet-style catering,
which entails a degree of overestimation and increased food costs.

These two styles have their pros and cons and they all come down to personal taste. There is no right or
wrong way to structure an event. After all, it’s your party and the catering service is employed by you.
Do what you want, but keep in mind your vision for the event. That’s all.

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