How To Get Started With A Workout Program

Consult your physician if you have not worked out before or have any health-related problems before you start.

Any physical activity that will sustain your heart rate for a 30-40 minute period would be considered aerobic. You want to stay within a comfortably heart rate zone so keep in mind that your breath needs to be steady. A good check to test yourself…see if you can talk while you are exercising

Consult a personal trainer who can set you up on a well rounded workout plan…trainers can help you jump start your exercise program.

If you can not afford a personal trainer to help you ask a knowledgeable friend for assistance. Maybe this could be their birthday present to you.

Check into your local gyms. Pick one that is within your budget, has the classes and equipment you like and is easily accessible to you. Some gyms will even set you up on a workout program for free. If not, negotiate for this before you sign the contract.

If a gym is not for you, there are great exercise videos in the market place. A great website resource is There are hundreds of video choices on this site.

Don’t forget to check your local stations. Many areas have a fitness show in the morning.

Videos and jump rope fitness shows give you convenience and the ability to workout in the privacy of your own home.

Pick an exercise activity you enjoy. It is easier to stick with something you like.

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