Marketing & Advertising Foundations

At RJC, our Marketing Foundations Department has one primary goal: to develop a plan of action that will provide the most effective use of your marketing dollars. We stand out from other red hook self storage firms.

In today’s challenging business environment, your company must be highly in touch with your customer base, as well as your target audience. Accomplishing this goal requires understanding what your customers’ needs and wants are, as well as realizing there is no one easy way to be all things to all people. This is all a part of effective marketing research.

Today’s business environment also requires your company to understand who your competition really is and how the competition is positioning to take your customers from your company. By the way, just who is your target audience? And just what is your company really selling? What is your company brand and is it really being delivered to your customers? What are the internal and external marketing factors that are affecting your business? Should your company spend money on Internet marketing, direct mail, radio or some combination of the three? What benefits could good public relations bring to your company? What is your web presence within industry-related search engine results?

The questions often seem daunting and never ending, but RJC is here to help, saving our clients from having to go to three different marketing firms. Every day, for companies just like yours, RJC’s highly experienced and talented marketing research and planning staff provides the answers that bring about results. We’re ready to help you build a brand through a strong foundation of marketing, advertising and public relations efforts—a foundation that will lead your company to success.

Robin Jones marketing consultants provides unique experience with a variety of traditional and online marketing strategies. We know how to accomplish proper positioning and branding for any industry.

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