Using a Photo Booth Will Spice Up Your Event!

Photo booths bring a sense of nostalgia to most people when they think about them, and a smile to those who actually come out from behind the curtain. Many people have not had the chance to get into a photo booth since they were kids at an amusement park, or teenagers strolling through the mall. Now, magic mirror photo booth companies allow everyone the chance to bring back the memories of crowding in a booth to take a fun photo.

While the practice of using photo booths was more common in places like France and Japan in years past as a means of obtaining identification, the United States has quickly taken the concept and made it into an amusement. The rise of photo booths at events such as weddings, proms, birthday parties and more has been steady in the past decade. They are rapidly becoming a familiar and common sight at events around the country.

Adding a wedding photo booth to an important event allows guests to do something silly and fun. Dozens of men and women alike are often seen waiting in line to get into the photo booth at wedding receptions and parties. They bring people together and give them a great reason to laugh and smile! Family members who haven’t seen one another for months or even years often take the opportunity to get a picture together to remind them of the fun times they had at the event. Photo booth pictures are also a great way to spice up the guest book by adding a personal photo to every message.

Many remember getting black and white photo strips from the booths at the mall. Now, this is an option, not the norm. The modern booths allow users to personalize their photo layout, so instead of the single vertical strip they can request a 2×2 picture. Guests can choose black and white or color, add a custom design and personalize the picture with a message. The results are candid moments that make amazing souvenirs for all.

A photo booth vendor will typically offer a traditional bench-style booth that most people remember. Many offer more modern-day booths that are portable and have changeable curtains that can be color-coordinated to any event. Most are wheelchair accessible and can fit up to ten people, a welcome relief from the older style booths that could barely hold three.

Use a photo booth to spice up any event and give guests the chance to remember a special day in a tangible way! If you need more help marketing your business, be sure to contact law firm marketing companies.

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